Ruby Housing

Ruby Housing is a Christchurch based property management company specializing in short term rentals and holiday homes.

They had been operating without any branding for a number of years and were looking to improve their position in the post earthquake market. They approached me to provide a full brand identity to rebrand themselves. The logo needed to communicate that their core business was web based. The final design reflects this well; The cursor and house silhouette compliment each other, and the cursor is angled in the same way seen on a computer.

One obstacle in this project was applying a relevant colour palette considering the brand name implicates the use of ruby red. The team believed that the market was already saturated with reds, so we looked for something close to red that would stand out. The final design settled on a bold pink, something I feel represents Ruby Housing well; it's on brand, eye catching and inviting without being overpowering.

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As Ruby Housing handled a variety of rental types for different needs, I created 3 similar logos keeping within the style of the main company logo.

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