Funx Corporation

Funx is a Japanese tech startup based in Fukuoka and Osaka, specializing in digital education, predominantly educational apps and games for children up to 6 years old.

As Lead Graphic Designer, it was my task to create a brand identity that represented the company's vision of embracing new technologies and applying them to education.

I used green as it has historically been used as a colour representing progress and the future. The other key colour was black because in Japan, business cards are a major part of business culture and can make or break a first impression. The majority of cards are on white backgrounds so we went in the opposite direction as a point of difference.

In line with other startups globally the branding needed to stand out as well as communicate a culture that was exciting as well as trustworthy. The clean serif font, the green on black colour scheme and the abstract logo all contributed towards our position as an exciting startup while staying true to our tech roots.

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