Vancouver Bulls Logo Revamp

The Bulls are a Hockey team based in Vancouver, Canada. I was contacted to revamp their existing logo in time for an update of the team's uniforms. The biggest problem with the original logo was that it didn't read well as a bull from a distance. The main problems were lack of contrast when placed on a dark uniform, and the silhouette of the bull could have been stronger. The team had decided to switch over to a white unform which made the first part a lot easier, and I redrew the bull with emphasis on a simple, readable silhouette. I liked the western style font of the original, but we decided to use a sleeker more modern font in order to modernize the design, a simple addition of a pair of horns and the typography was complete. To tie both of the elements together, I stylized the shoulders and neck of the bull into a shield shape, and just like that we had a killer emblem.